The Inventors and Owners of PitchCom Sports™

John Hankins

Co-inventor of the PitchCom™ communications system, graduated college with a degree in Electrical Engineering, and became a patent attorney and partner at major law firms. His work and clientele included some of the largest automotive, semiconductor, computer and electronics companies in the world. Over his 28 year career, John wrote and shepherded thousands of patents through the US and international patent systems. Among his other personal pursuits, John is a lifelong avid baseball fan. The concept for the PitchCom™ communications system arose from his concern for the integrity of the game following signstealing scandals and accusations, and the pace of play issue caused by preventive measures.

Combining his deep knowledge of the game, and understanding the needs of players, teams and fans, John used his experience working with inventors to conceive the PitchCom™ communications system.

Craig Filicetti

Co-inventor of the PitchCom™ communications system, has a BSEE and MBA. He was previously a new product development manager at Microchip Technology, leading design teams in creating some of the most sophisticated microelectronics devices in the world. Since then, Craig has invented and developed numerous electronic devices and systems used in the entertainment industry by thousands of entertainers around the world.

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